High School Staff

Teacher E-mail Subject Area
Mary Stier
Mary.Stier@k12.sd.us Secretary, Campus Administrator
Jackie Aspelin Jackie.Aspelin@k12.sd.us Librarian; JH Reading
Hayley Miller Hayley.Miller@k12.sd.us HS Math and Science
Becky Lamb Becky.Lamb@k12.sd.us Science and Math
Vicki Lentz Vicki.Lentz@k12.sd.us Social Science; Business
Wanda Meyer Wanda.Meyer@k12.sd.us Art
Bea Stough
Bea.Stough@k12.sd.us JH History / Special Education
Tracy Scott Tracy.Scott@k12.sd.us Language Arts; Spanish
Mark Senftner Mark.Senftner@k12.sd.us Computers; Elem. P.E.
April Kelly April.Kelly@k12.sd.us Math
Rachael Pederson
Rachael.Pederson@k12.sd.us Language Arts
Brian White Brian.White@k12.sd.us Technology Ed.
Cherie Hill Cherie.Hill@k12.sd.us Special Education
Erica Guthmiller Erica.Guthmiller@k12.sd.us Band/Chorus
Andy Schmahl Andy.Schmahl@k12.sd.us Vo-Ag / Ag Business
Melissa Marshall
Melissa.Marshall@k12.sd.us  Aide
Monette Clark  Monette.Clark@k12.sd.us  Aide
Onida: (605) 258-2618
Blunt: (605) 962-6297
500 S 8th St, Onida, SD 57564
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